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16 Easy Holiday Gifts to Sew

16 Easy Holiday Gifts to Sew

16 Easy Holiday Gifts to Sew

In this post, I'll go over sixteen easy holiday gifts to sew, each with a free pattern and tutorial that you can follow. All of these patterns can be sewn up quickly in a weekend or less, just in case you need to make some last minute gifts. Some of these patterns are from my blog, while others are from outside blogs. Rest assured that I've tested all of these patterns and made them multiple times. They're all great as gifts!

16 Easy Holiday Gifts to Sew

1. Silk Infinity Scarf

I love making scarves, and this one is super easy and quick to make. Plus it doesn't take very much fabric!

make this silk infinity scarf

2. Infinity Scarf from Two Regular Scarves

This one is similar, but doesn't have the internal twist that the other one does--it's a little more like a cowl.

Sewing Tutorial: Infinity Scarf/Cowl Mashup

3. Small Storage Basket

This small basket is made from 5" charm squares, but you could make a bigger version from fat quarters, too.

Thread Catcher Basket

4. Market Tote Bag

This vinyl-bottomed bag is sturdy and versatile.

Five Free Patterns: Make These Tote Bags!

5. Easy Flat Tote Bag

This flat tote is quick and easy to make up. I made a bunch of them in one afternoon!

Five Free Patterns: Make These Tote Bags!

6. Two Fabric Lined Tote Bag

This one takes a little more time, but it's lined and looks a little fancier.

16 Easy Holiday Gifts to Sew

7. Pot Holders

I made a bunch of these as presents last year. I didn't write up a post on it, but basically, you'd take two fabric squares, one for the front and one for the back. You can use scrap fabric for the front, like I did here, or you could just have it be one single fabric. Use an insulated batting in the middle, and sew bias tape around the edges. See this tutorial on attaching bias tape with mitered corners.

16 Easy Holiday Gifts to Sew

8. Oven Mitt

This oven mitt is a little more involved than the pot holder, but it makes for a nice gift, too.

16 Easy Holiday Gifts to Sew

9. Hanging Towels

I love these hanging kitchen towels--I've made a ton of them, both for myself and others.

Using a Schacht Flip Loom: Rigid Heddle Weaving for Beginners

10. Fleece Hat

These hats are super easy, plus they're warm and cozy!

16 Easy Holiday Gifts to Sew

11. Easy Quilt

This quilt will take a little longer than the rest of the projects listed so far, but I was still able to finish it in a weekend.

Quick and Easy Beginner Quilt

12. Felt Pin Cushion

This pin cushion is a nice gift for a fellow sewist!

Free Sewing Pattern and Tutorial: Flower Pincushion

13. Kindle Book Cover with Fabric Interior

This kindle (or tablet) cover has a fabric interior with pockets.

How to Make a Kindle Cover out of a Book

14. Leather Pouch/Clutch

This pouch is easy and fast to make, plus it's a nice project for beginning leatherworkers.

Leatherworking 101: An Easy Pouch for Beginners

15. Zipper Pouch

You could simplify this pattern by making a solid pocket on the front, though it's still pretty quick to make, even with the striped pocket.

Make an Easy Quilted Pencil Case

16. Ball Toy

And don't forget about your pets! My dogs loved these.

Sew an Easy Stuffed Ball Toy for Your Dog
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