Lazy Gardener's Guide to Growing Bulbs Indoors

In this post, I'll show you how to grow bulbs indoors by tricking them into thinking that winter has passed. Sometimes I get super lazy about taking care of my plants. I like the idea of having something pretty and flowery around, but then the weight of responsibility sets in, and I wonder if I really want to be tied to this thing for the rest of its lifespan. The great thing about bulbs is that you get  all of the shiny newness and flowery goodness with none of the long term responsibility. Once the bulbs are spent, you can either plant them in your garden outside or toss them.

Quilt as You Go Rainbow Throw

In this post, I'll show you how to make a beautiful rainbow throw with the quilt-as-you-go method. This method helps you to sew all of the layers of your quilt at the same time, which means it comes together pretty quickly! Then we'll add a cozy fleece border around the edge to round it all out. This project is a slightly more complex version of the quilt as you go lap blanket I made. 

How to Sew in a Straight Line

In this post, I'll go over my best tips and tricks for sewing in a straight line. When you first start sewing, you might notice that it's difficult to make sure your fabric feeds evenly, so that you can get a nice straight line of stitches. Even if you've been sewing for awhile, you might have trouble with this! Honestly, when I stop paying attention or sew too quickly, I still get wobbly seams sometimes. But if you follow these tips, and you pay careful attention, you should be able to sew in a nice straight line. 

The Singer Tiny Serger: A Little Gem

In this post, I'll review the Singer Tiny Serger, a little gem of a machine that I only discovered recently. I have a full size serger, the Singer ProFinish, which I reviewed here. I went without a serger for awhile just because they're pricey, but if I'd known about the Tiny Serger, I'd have bought one immediately. I love this little guy.