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Simplicity Easy Lock Serger SL800

In this post, I’ll show you how to clean, oil, troubleshoot, repair, and use a vintage Simplicity Easy Lock Serger SL800. I’ve seen vintage sergers in other people’s collections, and I always felt a little jealous, but I had never come across one until recently, and then I found two in a row! While I have a modern serger, many people swear by vintage sergers, which were built to last, with all metal parts, as opposed to the plastic used in and on most modern sergers. I paid $5 for this one, which is much cheaper than the hundreds you’ll pay for a brand new serger.

The Singer Tiny Serger: A Little Gem

In this post, I'll review the Singer Tiny Serger, a little gem of a machine that I only discovered recently. I have a full size serger, the Singer ProFinish, which I reviewed here. I went without a serger for awhile just because they're pricey, but if I'd known about the Tiny Serger, I'd have bought one immediately. I love this little guy.