The fanciest bracelet ever

I got some very pretty vintage rhinestones awhile ago, and I decided to do bead embroidery around them. It was hard to find the exact size of the base I needed, so it took a few tries. These were my failed attempts. The rhinestones didn’t sit quite right in them.

Most of these pictures don’t quite do justice to the stones, but you get the idea. They have lovely watermelon, peacock colors.

I finally figured out the right size for the beaded bases, and then I started to bead around them. Initially, I thought I might add other beads in between the rhinestone links, but I decided against that. I also somehow thought that five of these would fit around my wrist. I was wrong, but this miscalculation may have been a good thing because I kept thinking I only needed a couple more, which spurred me on.

Then I thought that six might be enough.

But in the end I needed seven.

Here’s the the finished bracelet:

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